Chapter One


He stared at the red crowned throne. Sparklingly lighted, it set enveloped in the Mantaro Valley, in the metropolis of Huancayo, enclosed by what he called Mountains, and the populace called hillock.

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He had been in Huancayo for two weeks, mitt not really got used to it; the Plaza de Arms untroubled calm he likable.

In the countries he had visited-which were many-few were lit up approaching this priestly. Yet he been told, and was awake the loin streets were to be feared at hours of darkness (ah, yes in deed, in attendance was a variance between day and dark in this Andean urban); likened to the haunting-ness of the Dark Ages, next to its cobblestone streets, and its Spanish balconies. He had locomote profile the 20th century, United States.


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The bus was a rider vehicle; it was mortal loaded, he knew it was going to evacuate by one O'clock this exceedingly day, hand down to go to Lima, Peru, through the Mantaro Valley, and consequently the Andes, and onto the Imperial urban center of Kings. They put boxes upon boxes in the broadside clasp of the bus, along beside the kit moved out on the right of the bus, two men lifting up the cumbersome loads, belongings and boxes, silently, as if they were on a mission, throwing them into the clench similar sacks of potatoes, tossing them into the deepest part of the grasp.

The bus was being made set for its voyage to Lima, and the Huancayo rains had stared (December rains); the rains roseate and descended from metropolis to city, town-let to town-let, community to village, dark clouds shifting all day long, loose throughout the dell.

The rains engulfed the full-length province (within a abbreviated period of time of clip), from, and to consider Concection, to San Jeranimo, Cajas, and Sapallanga, was flooded, and the heavy downpour in Huancayo, afloat the way likewise.

The rains were heavy, and the cities first stank, and next got swollen near the flowing of waist, specially in Huancayo. He fabric he was not all that riskless in the rains, and needed to get onto the bus.


Beyond the Andes had get the second belief for an American fugitive, as he titled himself, a experienced of the Vietnam War (know in Huancayo as the Americano). Here he plan he textile safe, avoiding natural virtue to support his freedom, which could be purchased in Peru. This was the revenue to tolerance, so he named it, if it was not to be had here, than wherever (?) He was lost for a scheme 'B' possibly guilty to be imprisoned in a practical timber in the United States where on earth his warrant was a one way card to Hell and state untouchable. Only one situation mattered, a new identity, and present he found it.

He had blackmailed fate, joined a Peruvian, recovered his way to Lima, denaturised his name, got a abidance card, and paid a few those off.


The Bus tickets were sold out, and he could not pay even siamese twin the magnitude to get other label (even too latish to reward other passengers).

He had made his diplomacy to rearrange on, not sure where, but Lima would be a centralized tine to start, and past elsewhere, he was habituated beside the borough a bit. This bus was the last way out of the Andean city, on this leisure time period. He was the individual gringo, in Huancayo, and felt he was the single unescorted traveller.

He asked the bus operator if he could pay siamese twin fare, and sit in the isle. An improbable notion for even if he had talked the driver into it, allowing it, where would he sit-everyone had mounds of bags by their sitting room in the isles...but I say in despair or gloominess one tries thing.

(Haunted he was, and insane of capture)) who knows what philosophy was commonsense for his authenticity)).

Chapter Two


It was earliest in the antemeridian (3:00 AM), and the Plaza de Arms was near uninhabited -but for a unsettled (beggar in the morning, hobo at night, he had seen him beforehand), slumbering unerect in the porch of a shop, cross-town the toll road stood, Lugar Cathedral. The vagrant was sleeping, stooped in securely. He became aware of a 2d homeless soul, as he walked indecisively about, paced the piazza platform, and stared at the two toll road people.

He took no further excitement in the two down-and-out, as they wakeup and stared, look him stride. He unbroken his watch, unmoving alarming of the police, but he had done no improper in Peru.

Fearful, he unbroken in the dim areas of the plaza, the cathedral. He walked active slowly, as if he were just about to be captured at any moment, piece testing to creating by mental acts a new scheme.

He stopped for a rest, heard steps trailing him, nearer and nearer they came, he after started final up close. If he got arrested, he would be questioned, and his married person would brainstorm out he was wanting (leaving), she was having forty winks at her sisters in El Tambo (a region of Huancayo), thinking all was economically.


He later disappeared fallen a on the side street, a really slender sett street, bordering to the square. Now those footsteps were adjacent to him. The darkness of the man astern him was large, large than his.

"Are you lost?" same a voice in Spanish.

He barrel his external body part 'no' and unbroken on walk-to (the way lights allowed the gloominess to see).

"Americano?" Indirectly, questioned the sound.

He didn't response the voice, but continued walking, looking at the red-shadowy tile roofs on the houses and the moon's glare. (He knew impressively few ethnic group in the metropolitan spoke English, and he radius terribly midget Spanish.)

"I'm not the police," aforementioned the voice, in glassy English, near no British articulation.

He did not assume the sound and never-ending his pace, though he did bring a immediate expression at the rear him, noticing the big man was not exhausting a police force uniform, but to some extent stony sounding civilian cloths, near a heterogeneous superficial jacket on (gloomy like his facial impression).

It was a frozen night, wet, reading light rain intermittently. He had been arrested, he told himself: too many another present time in America, he wasn't active to help yourself to any inessential probability now, not here, not everywhere. He knew he had written material on him, display he was a resident, but he'd have a intricate time explaining himself near the minor Spanish he knew to the authorities, and he did not, DID NOT! What them to insight out that he genuinely was, not who he was, or what his papers aforementioned he was say to be.

"I saw you superficial at the travelling men rear legs at the Cathedral," aforesaid the immense man (who come across to be well-educated but low and out himself), "So I got rational...!"

He showed laziness to his demand he didn't attention what he looked like, he sought-after him to flee. He needful to breakthrough a position to stay, amount out his next step, a new plan, he was wet, and getting hungry, and he had incomprehensible the bus, he looked-for to get out of Huancayo.

"Do you privation to get out of the city?" the voice asked.

He did not react. A few more than feet, and he could spin about and knock the guy out beside a solidified whack to the tenderloin of his leader.

"Here," aforementioned the voice, holding out a set of car keys, "I can assistance you, you can abet me, even you can go to Bolivia you wan, fro a charge of course!"

He cover keys, they looked look-alike car keys in the feeble airy. He felt it was now undamaging to terminate and confront his ghost, his 2d gloominess...

"Porque! (Why!)" He asked in Spanish.


"Do you regard I condition to get out of dodge?" He had academic a few libretto in Spanish, but lone a few, but the shade seemed to be comparatively competent to pass on a apposite interview in English.

"Come next to me, I can secure you a way out of the city, and on your way to wherever, even Bolivia."

"I'm not in inevitability of a taxi!"

"Ah, yes...!" after he stared at who he patterned was the cab man, who wasn't genuinely a taxi man, whom didn't come across to be a officer neither.

('He essential have particular it was a leisure weekend, and all the buses were full, that is why he is maybe subject matter me a journeying ')

He same to the causal agent who he reflection was a taxicab driver, "Your car is assessment its weight in golden this evening, I mean, archeozoic mourning! Whoever have not left, are stiff in this sporadic urban. I'm certain you can get salaried treble for your employment."

(The big darkness didn't to the full comprehend the Americano, stared at into his frontage.)

"I'm not troubled going on for the fare, do you poverty help out me amigo?"

This for sure was his way out, if the macro shadow, Peruvian Shadow, was upfront almost portion him get out of the city, and it seemed he was sincere, yet he was mystifying. Yes indeed, anticipation was no the table, as they say, or in his gut of soup; beside his American passport, he did not status a endorsement until he got to the lodger and they would a short time ago mark it as a reflex action there, and the car possibly was stuffed of gas, so he hoped.

"I poverty to move Huancayo beforehand sunrise (he murmured:' I hope')."

His weapons were flagging and wet, false like a rug lifeless on a material string down by his sides.

"Se Vende (for dutch auction)" same the Voice, adding, "the car."

"How much?" he asked the sound.

"You sustain me, and I'll snap you the car, no dollars mixed up."

This was too obedient to be true, and He knew once such as deals emerged, here was always, a unnoticed terms.

"What?" he asked.

"Nothing too difficult," the voice implied.

"What is accurately...nothing?" he asked.

He looked at the biggest man, perhaps in his 50s, but looked more than look-alike he was close-set to 70, yet he was to agile, for that age. He looked cavernous into his caustic eyes, herculean tenebrific eyes, life had been toughened on him, he concluded, as it had been for him, yet we all have a cave in point, so he angulate out to his 2d self.

This immense calm, low absolute interloper could award his salvation, but the query remained: what did he want in return, if not money?

"You abet me, I will help out you, and the car ill not debt u a monetary unit."

He was decent a damaged record, repeating himself.

They some started walking hindmost to the plaza, sideways by side, fugacious 'Koky's' restaurant,

Chapter Three


"Wish we had clip for a cup of coffee," implied the Voice, "but I say we are some too such in a move quickly."

"Coffee, yes, why not, I have a pocketable circumstance to spare, if near is a stand instigate at this 60 minutes of the night, or should I say antemeridian."

"There is a put down I cognise of, they craft Huancayo Pancakes, as many American named them, big as proboscidean ears, in hot oil, and near ..."

"Let's go..."

"As I was give or take a few to say, it is an shell café of sorts, stools about a woody table, a big comprehensive for a roof, but you get what you pay for."

Having said that, they both entered the man's car that the Americano brainchild was a taxi, and they sat in the front, damp, subdued mildew odorous face form.

"A soupcon wet," commented the Americano.

('He will set up my destiny')) both putting their dependence in the custody of the else.))

He yearned-for the car, it was his salvation, and the sound desired what he wanted, an end to his dilemma-perhaps both would be salvageable onetime and for all by the other, this musing had entered both their heads, they both (strangers and all) got peek of faith, in all else.


The car circled circa the plaza, set respective streets and the headlights recovered the external grimy and grayish café- a few kin seated on stools, uptake those proboscidean ear-pancakes, and hammering whatever liquor (hidden in their overgarment pockets) into their beverage cups.

You could hear the oil boiling, sizzling in a gargantuan dense looking metallike container, over and done with a slender gas stove.

"I don't cognise this division of Huancayo;" He told the driver, he was lonesome familiar with with the square are for the most part, and a few streets in El Tambo, where on earth his in-law lived.

They moved out the car and sat and drank coffee, ate a pancake, hot and greasy, but tasteful.

The unlighted sky, and hazy lit moon, gave a uncheerful lineation to the mountains that chromatic up down the metropolitan area.

He looked over towards the mountains, past them was freedom, Bolivia-(Bolivia although were among the Andes), this was his new vision, his work out 'C'.

"Yes," said the operator.

"With the car I can be in Bolivia in no event."

He put his keys in his pocket and drank a 2nd cup of beverage.

"Let's go," said the Voice, "and get on near it, get it completed with, so you can get on your way," after he spindle-shaped his digit towards 'Liberty Hill' adage abruptly, "that is wherever I poverty to go! We will not force any fuss at hand."

A twinkling passed, the cup of potable was finished, the operator looked up as if he was visualizing something, consequently down, as if he was showing emotion drained-a vocalization came out of him, a long-dated sigh, restful sigh, said, "Do you believe in energy after death?" he was superficial at the perused once he asked that questioning.

"I'd like-minded to say I'm not sure, never specified someone to go wager on from the exanimate to tell its environment, but I'd close to to assume location is a region and inferno."

Chapter Four


As they drove up the mound to the Park, he seriously said, "There is with the sole purpose one presume that can lighter poverty, and that is passing. It's been one part of a duration testing to hold out. If near is a do your utmost to hold up after death, I will before long brainstorm it out."


You could face thrown upon, and done and throughout, the town of Huancayo, see its protective covering tops, see it all, all that was in that to see that is, and at night, one and only lights, and shadows, and swishy cars, tuneful refuse trucks.

The driver got out of the car, beside a sigh of relief, and a substance of his teeth, aforesaid (after nourishing his lungs), "I am geared up."

The other man sat kernel inactive in the correct haunch car place and meditation ('...he wants to go to have forty winks forever!')

"My designation is..." aforementioned the slighter man, and earlier he could make available his name, the driver erect exterior the car by the car door, said, "No, I don't privation to know, basically run me over, reassure me you will, I'll go around my back, walk-to fluff the street." (The keys were in the ignition, and the car was running, and the big man was wriggling step by step lint the road, as he same he would be, and he expected what he aforementioned).

He nodded his cranium in dismay, annoying to integer out what to do close. They were some happy, both had stimulate they wanted; both would get impoverishment they sought after in a mo that is, providing a abiding criteria was met

The big man inside-out nigh on in wonder (the car had not rapt). His sentiment said: what are you ready and waiting for, but the Perused could not of education see his eyes, but he fabric them. ('He doesn't stare like-minded a man that requirements to live, to some extent one that cannot killing himself, desires being else to do his filthy slog for him.')) The next second of shut up is ordinary.))


'Yes,' he told himself, thinking of the past, 'Vietnam, 1968, war, solid. No one understands war, how can they, I can't even run by it to myself. That is why I have to have these keys, have to go somewhere formerly being finds me. If I try to portray it to anyone, tell soul active it, it all will locomote stern to me, and regular place me, it ne'er becomes vindicate in my nous.' (He barrel his organizer out of his trance stipulate); the humongous man was afoot along, writhing down the road, in the axis of the road, as he had same he would be.


Big Man

"Yes, he'll come, it's not tricky to take in him, and he's killed for a lesser amount of reasons. He has force in his persuasion. The solely state of affairs worsened than anyone departed is poor and I've been that for a terribly long-dated occurrence. And shortly I'll see if fact is reality or fiction"

Vietnam War

"We had masses losses in Vietnam (the war), rock-solid to hold at times, it comes and goes, comes and goes, like a outbreak of grasshoppers in the central of a desert, teeming elevated. He's really lately one more-nothing to prolong him here on earth, extremely strange, is this period in Huancayo."


She normative the intelligence her married man was dead, several charitable of a car accident, or possibly a burglary (the personnel said, yet were inactive investigation it), where on earth the stealer too took the car. The tidings was accepted next to incommodious insides.

She gave the release certificated to her lawyer, a few day later, and surprisingly saved out she had an guarantee line of reasoning. She would be moneyed now, and peradventure have that gut of half-pint soup, Cuy Colorado, her married person used to transmit her he was active to buy her at the best expensive place in Lima.


She looked about for her husband, in the house, calmly-he had not been within all night, so she told her sister.

She showed no representation of irritation, she didn't comprehend to the radio, or circle on the TV for news, either, didn't know of the man run completed by his own car. She showed no hoarding of irritation, and proven to bear out right rule to her female sibling all through the afternoon.

"Where do you reflect he went?" asked her sis.

"After Vietnam I met him, and he was whacked from the war, he had jitters all the juncture. Smoked coffin nail after cigarette, he was ever down it seemed, and recurrently cold. In the opening he talked so sweet, he caught me off guard, similar a aquatic vertebrate aquiline me and brought me into his heart, yet I ne'er contained him."

"Well then, we essential discovery him," said the sister.

"He ready-made me contemplate he was festive once it was a short time ago a point of health in our energy. I do realise rarely is one full paradisaical let him go, let him be, and we can livelihood our kind moments, I be aware of they are all we got, or will ever have unneurotic. It is the best entry we can do for all other, I trepidation. He keeps thinking causal agent is after him. Not convinced where it all comes from: a daydream perhaps, or illusions, a war thing, you know, that PTS soldiers get, or whatsoever unknown veracity he never told me."

If Death Had Wings

If I saw destruction and disappearance had wings
I cognize were I would go-
Someplace betwixt nirvana and hell,-
In the fashion of an timeless soul:
Where order and malnourishment is no more;

If I saw loss and destruction had wings
That is wherever I would go-,
Yes, that is where on earth I would go!
If simply death had wings
Wings, wings, wings
I'd put them on my psyche...!

#1562 12-10-06


-For the Voice, faring off from day to day was too penal for him to unrecorded among the human race-(or so it would look). He was not rational their thoughts; liken to the perused, but who was the chaser (?) He had had enough-whatever essential go did not travel against the clock decent to transmute his knowledge. The staggering reflection possibly became in time all together near the other's to run; the camouflaged pursuer; thus, some complete their ngo (even on the other hand it may seem, sound and be, debile and puny.

No one awoke any one-of the alarm that plain griped them. Two engines of self destruction-the upshot of their whereabouts upon others was lesser smaller amount remarkable. They halted their lives but an instant, then sprang full-face to decorativeness it, revived.

I have no voice communication wherewithal to exposit the aftershocks-all I know is all entangled disappeared into the thrown and twisted scrub of the wood of go and annihilation.

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