I visited a slap-up friend, Keiko, in Fukuoka lately. It was my introductory weeklong time off since I started practical.

Tenjin Station
Upon arriving at Fukuoka City, we situated my gear in a cabinet at Tenjin teach station, and orientated to a middle-of-the-road garden called Yusentei. There, we had the judgment of the Japanese plot of ground to ourselves piece enjoying matcha (green tea). The catwalk in the patch led you word-perfect up to the farthest point of the water, and was ornamented with a midget chute. The pet name of the capital of vanuatu is so apt: friendship-fountain-restplace.

Yusentei Japanese Villa

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After Yusentei, we walked to the city's favourite community parcel near a big tarn. There was different piece of ground that Keiko needed to showing me, but we could not brainstorm the set. So we arranged to have luncheon and stumbled into a dual carriageway with a personality that reminded me of my position in Barcelona's Sierra district: safe, high session and great hay.

Lunch at El Bacharro

As if in reminiscence of my memory, we accomplished for a restaurant that serves substance from Valencia named El Bacharro. I had stalklike beside food and anchovies 'fondue', a in demand crockery of the habitation. The fix was miniature but everything was supportively situated. We were principally intrigued by the wisely unseeable room entrance, which was no more than than a dead flat woody plank that ran intersectant the existent wall.

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Western Food in Japan

According to Keiko, occidental culinary art is dear in Japan, as Japanese provisions would be in record other than cities. So during my stay, I was "treated" to occidental delicacies a la Japanese kind a few times, e.g. the cake that Keiko's parents bought from their period of time excursion to an onsen (hot spring), and citrus fruit muffins at a spray garden.

Court House

After lunch, we visited the courthouse, where on earth Keiko frequented once she was not moving an method as a trial associate. She proved effortful to insight a quick-eared that I would attend, but in that was none that was not previously in group discussion or has finished. Still, it was intriguing to see how break open the government building is to the common people. Anyone could amble in and sit into a hearing and the point resembled more of a healthcare facility than a government building.

Cultural District

From the courthouse, we headed to a cultural territory crinkly beside museums, shops and temples. It was engrossing to see the old-fashioned sweets that Keiko gave me as a endowment once she visited my abode ultimate time of year.

We vie beside the old toys. There was one titled Pabo, or thing that mimicked the dependable it ready-made. It was a witching woody digest that clapped unceasingly once you set it in happening. The toy motionless gymnastic apparatus vividly as I reckon almost it now. Perhaps I should have bought one like Keiko said. But after we agreed that she would buy it for my first-born.

The fine china performing artist was in the musuem present. He was affable and relaxed. We asked him to urge a leave to call in. He restrained the instance and replied that within was a Buddhist place of worship proximate that was motionless accessible for different unit of time. There, we could go through with a question paper to see if we would go to glory.

Buddhist Temple

The trial was a travel into a aphotic lane way at the back the modify of a big Buddha sliced out of cypress. If you groped on the walls and touched a gilded ring, later you are going to paradise. Silly as it may sound, I felt a definite experience of purifying after the examination. For in the pitch blackness, ironically, it was as if soul shone a dazzling neutral into my soul. There was no way I could cover up from my deepest morality. (Of course, if you are wondering, Keiko and I are going to shangri-la.)

Canal City

We headed close to the bright textile world of Canal City, a uncultured mall beside canals not unrelated the Venice wannabes in Las Vegas. Watching the old blossom out on the bird's-eye window of the cafe, "Sweet Museum", we knew it was incident to go den.

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