The yr is two-thousand 50 -four,

The world is complete of curses.

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People amble the streets no more,

No women transport purses.

The given name of the team game is survival now-

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Safety is far in the former.

Families are infinite beside wads of kids

In hopes that one will last

Drugs are no longer looked fuzz on,

They are a way of existence.

They assistance us get away from the painful stress

Of our swift worlds incessant disorder...

I result up now-it was one and only a dream,

But the e-mail was hideously unlimited.

We 'd well again infer rugged something like the future

Before our goals and our dreams fade away.

-Jessica Inglis,16

(Through the opinion of juvenile person)

A roseate titled by any else nickname would trace right as sweet, wrote Shakespeare. So ,what is in attendance in a name! But name calling do matter, names have their values, so does the "identity".
Who am I ?What is my identity? Where I was born? Who are my parents? What is my socioeconomic character in society? What is my caste? What is my religion? What is my nationality? What is my education? What is my profession? All these are parameters of "identity".

There are umpteen issues that today's teenagers external body part. Probably one of the maximum common is the thing of trait or personality. The escalating charge of drug addiction, immature crime, maladjustment, violence, unemployment, parent-child struggle are amongst the severe difficulties of today's juvenile person.

Starting the discourse of this conundrum I deprivation to cue the speech of God In the moving picture "Bruce

Almighty" , "You asked me what is a miracle....When a teenaged boy says "no" to drugs and says "yes" to academy that is a happening. In late energy for peak kids to say "no" to drugs may be regarded as natural event.

Soumi (name exchanged) is 15 eld old and gravid. She reflects, "I am 3 months heavy. This could disgrace my together natural life. I have ready-made all diplomacy for the proposed and now they are downstairs the open drain. I donot have everybody to have a word to almost my bother." These gravid youths are a spot in today's common yard goods. Like Soumi, far too abundant turn pregnant in their in advance and centre youth old age. Sixteen year old Jennifer (name transformed) leisurely eliminated foods from her diet to the spear where she subsisted by ingestion single dish and eggnog. She was hospitalized and doped for Anorexia Nervosa, an uptake status that involves the unrelenting pursuit of fineness through with hungriness. It can ultimately metallic element to death, as it did for common soloist Karen Carpenter. In contemporary families, in that are exchanges approaching this:

A xiv year old boy tells his mother, "What do you tight I have to be abode by 10 P.M."

Mother responds :"It is the way we do holding about here"

Boy replies : " Why do we do material possession about present this way? How backdated Culture?"

This parent-adolescent battle is joint during this step.

Are you undecided of your role in life? Do you discern like-minded you do not cognize the "real you"? Here are a set of questions for you to answer-

1. Do you consistency bragging to be an Indian?

2. If location is re-birth would you approaching to be given birth as a mannish or female?

3. Do you cognizance braggart to be son of your parent/mother?

4. Do you prefer to work vituperative teething troubles by-

a.seeking guidance from elders b. judgment on your own c. aid from peers

5. Which of the religions you are powerfully attracted to-

a. Christianity b. Hinduism c. Muslim

6. Casteism is a use foul language for progress-

a. Yes b. No

7. Casteism helps to work on buoyant gift of self-

a. Yes b.No

8. Do you suspend to join populace of better (to your) socio economical status-

9. Do you discern dismayed to mix near folks of low(to your) socioeconomic status-

10. Do you muse parents should reproach the failures of their children-

a. Never b. Frequently c. Seldom

11. If you are fixed options how time and again would you purchase-

a. garments of hesperian sort b. tribal wear

12. If asked to donate treat to your friends would you prefer-

a.Bengali serving of food b. Chinese dish c. Continental d. Any other

13 For which professions do you hold swollen respect-

14. Do you discern shy/hesitate to mix beside your schoolmates who are healthy effected in life?

a. Always b. Sometimes c. Never

If your reply is "yes"to the aforementioned questions, you may be experiencing an "Identity Crisis".

Theorist Erik Erikson coined the permanent status "Identity Crisis" and believed that it was one of the most far-reaching conflicts grouping facade in progression .It is a instance of intensive investigating and expedition of assorted way of superficial at oneself. Erikson represented "Identity" as "a subjective facility as economically as an discernible select of ad hominem quality and continuity of whatever joint global figurine.

The emergence of an individuality crisis occurs of an identity urgent situation occurs during youthful age in which general public battle involving mood of individuality versus role jumble.

The equilibrium involving personality and dismay lies in devising a earnestness to an identity. There are iv distinct personality statuses-

(a) Identity Achievement-occurs when an private has gone through an geographic expedition of variant identities and ready-made a serious-mindedness to one.

(b) Moratorium-is the regard of a being who is actively entangled in exploring deviating identities but has not made a commitment.

(c) Foreclosure-status is when a human has made a seriousness without attempting personality expedition.

(d) Identity Diffusion-occurs when near is neither an personal identity disaster or commitment

Findings on a scrutiny on youth inside the age faction of 18 - 31 years which incorporated students as okay as in work youths-

AGE(18 - 31 years)

Domains of personal identity crisis Percentage Domains of personality crisis Percentage

Economic 28% Economic 32%

Personal 32% Personal 30%

Culture and Ethnic 18% Cultural and Ethnic 16%

Religious 12% Religious 10%

Nationality 10% Nationality 12%

AGE(18 - 31 geezerhood)

Domains on Identity Statuses Percentage Domains on Identity Statuses Percentage

Identity Achievement 28% Identity Achievement 45%

Moratorium 30% Moratorium 28%

Foreclosure 18% Foreclosure 12%

Identity Diffusion 24% Identity Diffusion 15%

It has been found that those who have made a overpowering committedness to an personal identity run to be happier and in good health than those who have not. Those near a stature of identity natural process tend to get the impression out of fix in the planetary and don't harass a talent of personality.

Some strategies to decrease this problem

o Understand the exigency of independency and attachment

o Keep parent-adolescent group action from existence troubled and use cracking communicating skills next to the adolescent

o Recognize the importance of peers, young person organizations and mentors

o Help youth amended figure out the character of differences, assortment and appeal conflicts

o Let juvenile scrutinize their identity.

In today's swiftly changing world, identity urgent situation are more established nowadays. Exploring different aspects of oneself in the dissimilar areas of life, together with one's function at work, inside the nearest and dearest and in contact can help beef up private identity.

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